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Services from other Agencies

If you want to get help from community professionals, here is the place you can find that information.

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healthdirect provides a range of free health services on behalf of the governments of Australia. Service include after-hours GP helpline, Carer Gateway, My Aged Care, National Health Service Directory and Pregnancy, Birth and Baby. 

Know Your Options

Know Your Options  provides individuals, families and health professionals with information about alcohol and other drug treatment options and support services that are available in South Australia 

My Aged Care

My Aged Care is a free* phone and online service providing reliable information and access to aged care services throughout Australia.
This service is for older people, their families and carers, those already receiving aged care services, those looking to receive aged care services, and aged care service providers. 
*call charges may apply from mobiles and payphones.

Family Drug Support

Family Drug Support provides support to people and carers of someone with an alcohol or drug issue. They have a 24/7 Support Line: 1300 368 186


Beyondblue’s ‘Find a Professional’ page links to databases that can assist in finding a mental health professional in your area. Click the beyondblue logo above for the links and for more information regarding what services mental health professionals provide.


Skylight offers a range of programs and services for people experiencing mental illness and for their family and friends who care for them. We provide support and information, build community awareness and advocate for improved mental health policy and services. 

At Skylight we talk about "sharing the journey" which means walking alongside people in their recovery and carer journeys. We value lived experience and peer led programs, leading to outcomes which enhance wellbeing and strengthen resilience.

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